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Wall Stenciling

Wall Stenciling is actually super easy. I am not a super talented painter but I wanted my room to look professional and sophisticated. I ordered my stencil from online and used bought my paint from Home Depot. I decided that a nice metallic silver would be cool over my turquoise. I also bought tape and … Continue reading

College Dorms

Maybe you did not know this but I am heading off to college soon which means I will be living in a dorm. My roommate and I both love fashion and design and want to have a cute room that is also super organize and functional. We decided on doing a chevron theme, but we … Continue reading


I do┬ánot know why but ever since I was a little kid my parents have always had super comfy blankets around that house for decoration but also for recreation. This has stuck with me because every room in my house has nice, comfy and luxurious throws. I try to match them to my room accents … Continue reading


As a girl I know the struggle of trying to wedge a pair of shoes in my closet even though my closet is completely full. This year I moved to a smaller home which meant a smaller closet. I really had to figure out how to condense all of my clothes without giving away many … Continue reading



All year my sister and I have been talking about painting our room with a focal point wall but we have never gotten around to actually painting it. this past Sunday we finally decided to bite the bullet and paint the wall! First our major issue was figuring out what we wanted to do to … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Every year as spring rolls in, everyone starts to go through not only their papers for tax season but their homes too. specifically most people tend to tidy up their closets for spring cleaning because they are moving all their winter clothes out and moving shorts and short sleeve tops in. Some people store their … Continue reading